Our Mission

Our mission is to help promote communities and businesses through hosting reputable, interactive and inspiring events.
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There is no box

Rather than talking about being out of a box, get rid of the box and run wild with our innovation, we accept and are the change.

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Our Whare

Our whare is your whare, this is a place where you can be yourself, be authentic and have fun without critical judgement.

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Growing & Showing

Constantly leaning, upskilling and growing while fostering an environment where we can show off our new experiences.

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Creating Blueprints

Constantly working towards a well-documented organisation where information of value is found easily for now and the future.

Our Team

Todd Harper

General Manager

More to come!

Sammy About SWL

Sammy Herkes


I believe events are opportunities to tell stories, create an impact on participants by making them walk away having experienced something great. Whether, it be having learned something, feel inspired, formed connections, or just a fun escape from the mundane.

I grew up in a small town, with a volunteer fire fighter as a dad. This created a strong sense of community in me and gave me many great opportunities to be involved in events that gave back to my community, from a young age. Once I finished high school, I made the huge step out of my comfort zone to move to the Waikato to study at the University of Waikato. I believe my study and experience have allowed me to grow into a woman, with not only a passion but the knowledge and drive to back it up.

Krista About SWL

Krista Barraclough


I am passionate about getting to know people. There’s just something special with making connections because we all have a story. It comes as no surprise that I studied Communications at Northern Arizona University, and I have continued my studies by pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Marketing.

I grew up in Arizona and had the opportunity to travel to almost all 50 states (yes, I’ve even been to Alaska!) I also spent a year in Europe. Seven years ago, I moved to the Waikato with my New Zealand partner, and since then, I have immersed myself in everything Kiwi! Working in Events feels incredibly fortunate as it has provided me with the chance to learn and experience more in this beautiful region. I can even proudly say that I’ve milked a cow and fed a lamb! However, I still refuse to eat Vegemite or Marmite… I’ll stick to my peanut butter and jelly instead.